p5 coolness

Kadenze course on p5.js taught be the people who created it (Casey Reas and Lauren McCarthy). This is a great way to learn the basics as well as explore some very cool examples. Link


Dixon, S. (2009). Digital performance. MIT Press.
This book has a great chapter connecting Futurism to new media. Steve Dixon is the president of LASALLE College of the Arts here in Singapore.
NUS Library has a copy.

Conferences, Galleries, etc.

ISEA (2020, annual) - International Symposium on Electronic Arts. ISEA2020 theme is "Why Sentience?" and happening October 13-18. LINK

Artificial Creativity virtual conference 19-20 November, 2020 LINK

Artists and Robots (2018) Grand Palais LINK

Ars Electronica (annual) - Major annual media arts festival LINK

ZKM - Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe is a world-wide unique cultural institution (physical and web) [ LINK]

Transmediale (annual) - festival of digital art and culture in Berlin LINK

xCoAx - Annual conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X LINK

Open Codes: We Are Data (2019) LINK

Uncanny Valley: Being Human in the Age of AI (2020), de Young Museum, San Francisco LINK

International Symposium on Computational Media (Jan 2019) The theme was AI and Art. Conference hosted by City HK. Papers are on line. LINK

Websites with collections of work and artists

Andreas Schlegel blogs (not currently maintained, but excellent). Sojamo and Transforms. Andreas works at LaSalle Collece of the Arts in Singapore, and is a contributor to P5.js.

Futurist Manifestos Futurism

Video Data Bank - nice collection of historical vids by artists

Ubuweb - amazing historical media art site

Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI) - a nonprofit resource that fosters the creation, exhibition,
distribution and preservation of media art.

Rhizome - Media art archival cite founded by artist/author Mark Tribe in the 90's. Includes a Net Art Anthology among other things LINK

We Make Money Not Art - Blog founded by Régine Debatty, a writer, curator, critic, covering projects at the intersection of science, technology, and art. LINK

Tactical Media Files LINK. Still seems to be updated by Lovink and others. Next5Minutes N5M files are also on the site LINK

Generative Art List from Casey Reas - twitter and Instagram tags for generative artists

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