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Artists - Evolving autonomous distributed artificial artist living on the web making art LINK

zizidrag - London's first AI drag kid LINK

Mario Klingeman - a Google artist who showed at the London exhibition, AI: More than human. Here is a google article about his work.


PANSPERMIA // Music video for Aski - Se - video deep dreaming LINK

Asunder - by Uncanny Values. A participant in the 2019 Vienna Biennale - AI, satellite data, geography….LINK

Ally AI - a satirical voice assistant exploring race issues by Rashida Richardson,director of policy research at AI Now and American Artist, a commercial media artist. Here is an article on the piece.

What I saw before the darkness - a piece by "the girl who looks at AI" . This is the "forgetting face" piece. Here is a page about the work.

DIO - a sculpture designed by an AI and built out of the computer that ran it. By Ben Snell Here is an article about this piece.

Bloemenveiling is an auction of artificial-intelligence-generated tulips on the blockchain. LINK

Layers of Abstraction: A Pixel at the Heart of Identity, Murad Khan and Shinji Toya, 2019. Critical exploration of farce recognition technology and race. LINK



AI: More than human - 2019 London exhibition LINK

D3US EX M4CH1NA (2019-20) LINK

The Question of Intelligence (Feb 2020) – AI and the Future of Humanity LINK. Featured artists: Memo Akten; Tega Brain; Baoyang Chen, Zhije Qiu, Ruixue Liu, Xiaoyu Guo, Yan Dai, Meng Chen, and Xiadong He.

Research, Researchers, and writers

Lub Elliot - has a great newsletter that seems to be on top of AI and art. Her website is HERE. Her newsletters are a great resource, but are weirdly hard to find, but you can subscribe to them. Here is #3 and #9

Luke Stark and Kate Crawford (2019) The Work of Art in the Age of Artificial Intelligence: What Artists Can Teach Us About the Ethics of Data Practice Paper LINK

Popular Press

Washington Post: These artists make online disinformation into art. Or is it the other way around?

This AI Poet ….. LINK

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