Early computer artists

Vera Molnár - pioneer of computer and algorithmic arts, founder of GRAV, a 1960's experimental visual art group. [LINK]

Desmond Paul Henry [LINK]

Frieder Nake [LINK]

Michael Noll [LINK]

Sonia Sheridan founded the Generative Systems research program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago [LINK]

Harold Cohen - painter, and the developer of AARON AI painter starting in the '70's.

Random Assortment

Angelo Vermeulen - creator of Blue Shift [Log. 1]. He does large scale interactive installations/sculptures. LINK.

Raphael Lozano-Hemmer - Large-scale public works often using projection. LINK .

Jonah Brucker-Cohen - Disruptive interventions as well as devices, humorous, toy-like that pack a social commentary punch. LINK. "Police State" (2003) grabbed real-time data on police activity and mapped it to toy police cars driving around a platform.

Niklas Roy - Installation art, often concerned with science and technology and visions of the future. LINK.

Justine Emard - Various media, installations, some AI work. LINK.

Lauren McCarthy - recent work: human version of Amazon Alexa. She is one of the main forces behind p5.js. LINK

Refik Anadol - A commercial media artist working with big data and AI, drawing too on Cultural Analytics and visualization a la Lev Manovich. His website is here, and you can view a recent TED talk by him.

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